Kellie Menendez’ Pretty Patterns Give Back

August 15 2018 – Kellie Menendez

Kellie Menendez’ Pretty Patterns Give Back
Kellie Menendez’ Pretty Patterns Give Back

HEY MAMA, Interview, August 15, 2018

Bay Area mama Kellie Menendez is causing a stir in the design world. Her company, Half Full, has taken the much beloved wallpaper trend to new heights by bringing her love of nature indoors. Her papers are inspired by the beauty she finds in her surroundings and she is committed to giving back to the creatures that make cameo appearances in her designs. Here she shares what it’s like co-founding her company with her friend, how she finds strength in her mama tribe and what’s coming next with her business. Here’s a hint… you’ll soon be able to drape yourself in Half Full from head to toe. Read on…

Kellie, you left the tech world to focus on your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Did you always have this dream or did it evolve over time?

The pull to create a company of my own and to be true to my creative spirit was always there no matter how much I immersed myself in my roles at other companies. So I would say that dream was always living within me and over time, I crafted the knowledge of how to start a company of my own.


You now have a wallpaper and textile company that focuses on the beauty found in nature called Half Full. Tell us more about it.

I started Half Full in 2015 with my friend and fellow artist Ondrea Vicklund. We create home décor that celebrates unique experiences and environments and combine our love of nature with original illustrations to bring the beauty of the Earth and all its creatures into your home.


Your wallpapers are gorgeous! We especially love the Endangered line, focused on animals that run the risk of endangerment. Why is this so important to you?

Thank you, we believe we can improve the world by creating beauty and have a commitment to protect the future of the living beings we illustrate. In an effort to give back, we proudly support the conservation of the wildlife and wild environments that inspire many of our designs.


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