Half Full creates sophisticated patterns that celebrate wildlife and wild places.

Our Story

Andrea Wicklund and Kellie Menendez

Ondrea and I first met in art school, where our mutual passion for art and nature quickly became the fiber of our friendship. Though our careers ventured into different territories we have only grown closer over the years. To this day, we push each other to develop our creative voices and to give back to the world that we love so dearly.

As artists, Ondrea and I have always aspired to turn our homes into aesthetic sanctuaries. We believe living spaces should feel personal and reflect our individual stories. To us, that means surrounding ourselves with bold patterns and pieces that draw inspiration from natural environments.

Drawing on our years of experience in fine art, illustration, and business, we want to offer something different. Our desire to find unique and emotive decor for our own homes has expanded: we want to create sophisticated pieces so that you too can design a personal aesthetic sanctuary.

Welcome Home

We’re proud to announce Half Full, a design studio that celebrates unique experiences and environments. We believe that your home can tell your story and reflect your interests. Today, so much decor is mass-produced or commoditized. We started Half Full to provide an alternative. Inspired by Mother Nature and all its creatures, and motivated by Earth's increasing need for beauty and positivity, we want to spread the word that the glass is half full. We combine a deep love of nature with original illustrations to bring the beauty of the Earth and all its creatures into your home.

Ondrea and I create each Half Full piece ourselves, from hand-drawn initial sketches to final design. We use high-end materials and include elegant details to ensure our products are as sophisticated as they are unique. Our patterns combine original illustrations of animals and nature-inspired textures with lush color palettes that stand out against the mainstream.

Half Full

Half Full is launching in 2016 with three inaugural wallpaper lines: Wild, Endangered and Elements. Our art already hangs on walls, so wallpaper feels like a natural first step. Wild will feature animals more commonly in nature like deer, owls, mice, hummingbirds, kingfishers, and foxes. Endangered depicts animals seriously at risk of extinction like black spider monkeys, black robins, rhinos, and tigers. Elements draws inspiration from textures found in nature. Think feathers, scales, patterns in nature, leaves, and waves.

Andrea Wicklund and Kellie Menendez Launch Half Full

I hope you’re as excited as we are. Half Full has been our passion and dream for years and I’m thrilled to see it turn into a reality. We look forward to this wild ride, and hope you’ll take it with us!

- Kellie


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