How much wallpaper should I order?
We create double rolls of wallpaper. Each roll is 30' long and 27" wide. When measuring your room consider the height and length of the wall you are going to cover. 
Can I get a wallpaper sample to help with my ordering decision?
Yes, we provide paper samples and will gladly ship up to 5 samples free of charge. If you need to order a sample, please contact us at info@halffull.life. We will need to know the name of the pattern and the color way that you would like.
Can I install the wallpaper myself?
We do not recommend installing wallpaper yourself. You definitely can try but installing paper is a skill and there are many people that do it as a living. These talented people can maneuver around tough corners and are expert at matching the repeated pattern. Please search the internet for an installer to help. 
What else do I need to install my new wallpaper?
Our paper requires wallpaper paste in order to be installed. You can find wallpaper paste at many hardware stores but to save time we recommend buying it online. 
How do I care for and maintain my wallpaper?
You can wash your wallpaper with a damp, natural sponge and a mild soap. Do not get the wallpaper too wet or it can leave a mark. If you are nervous test a corner area first before wiping a larger, more visible area.
What does it cost to ship? Can you ship outside of the US?
We offer shipping at a flat rate based on the number of rolls purchased to anywhere in the US from our online store. If you live abroad and would like to order our paper, please email us at info@halffull.life and we will gladly process your order and alert you to the cost of shipping. 
1-2 rolls = $15 UPS Ground 
3-4 rolls = $20 UPS Ground 
5-6 rolls = $30 UPS Ground