Our patterns bring an awareness to our community with the goal of making a change. Each collection’s patterns are inspired by our deep love of nature and are created in celebration of the humans we admire. All of the patterns on our wallpapers and textiles are original creations and hand-drawn, bringing the beauty of our planet’s creatures into your living spaces.

Because we care about the planet, we strive to create things in the most sustainable way possible.


We do not over-produce our goods.

Our patterns are not “seasonal” and therefore never go out of style, which means we are able to produce only what we need and are not left with over-produced goods that go to waste.


We partner with local vendors.

Our wallpaper is manufactured here in the United States, we know the names of the people that create and print our paper and consider them part of the Half Full team.

Our screen-printed textile goods, are printed locally here in San Francisco and put together at a women-owned sewing house that has the same vision we do, giving each person a valuable role in the company and celebrating the skills they bring to help create each product.


We care about printing waste.

Whenever possible, we print digitally to save on water waste. For this we have partnered with an overseas factory in Italy that is a known thought-leader in sustainability and works to help change the way dyes affect water to reduce pollution.  


We give to those who help preserve and protect.

Half Full proudly supports efforts to conserve the wildlife and wild places that inspire many of our designs. We believe we can improve the world by creating beauty and have an unshakeable commitment to protect the future of the living beings we illustrate and those that inspire our stories. To do this, we donate a percentage of sales for our Franz, Holly, Simone and Elephant patterns to organizations doing the work to protect our planet and the animals and people at risk within it.


Organizations we give to.

Creatura Wildlife

Every Mother Counts

Human Rights Foundation - Artists in Protest

Sonoma Wildlife Rescue