Luxe nature that is relevant and timeless. We give to those that help preserve and protect that which inspires us. Half Full created sophisticated patterns that celebrate wildlife and wild places. #patternswithpurpose that elevate any space and have layered meaning. Partners with charities to give back and practices sustainable manufacturing methods.

Half Full is a design studio that combines a love of nature with original illustrations to bring the beauty of the Earth and all its creatures into your home.

Everything we produce starts with hand-drawn initial sketches, far from fast-fashion, mass-produced designs. We use high-end materials and quality manufacturing processes to ensure our products are as sophisticated as they are unique. Our patterns combine original illustrations of animals and nature-inspired textures with lush color palettes that stand out against the mainstream.

We think of our patterns fitting into three categories:

  • Endangered delicate nature in danger of being eliminated from the Earth
  • Wild animals and flora in abundance that we should give mindful care
  • Elements draws inspiration from textures found in nature — feathers, scales, leaves, and waves

We are inspired by…

Snowy plovers that resourcefully live at the water's edge 

Borneo’s kingfisher that dances in the sky and rivers

The distinct and rhythmic pattern of an elephant’s skin

Hard-working native bees buzzing between California’s lavender and olive groves

The delicate, playful spider monkey and its jungle habitat

Wildlife recovering after wildfires in the Franz Valley

Snakes that symbolize transformation and resilience

Inspired by nature and all its creatures, and motivated by Earth's increasing need for beauty and positivity, we want to spread the word that the glass is Half Full.

We know we can make a difference to how people perceive the world and what they celebrate within it by giving back to the World.