How We Create Our Patterns

Step 1 - Concept 

The collections we create for Half Full derive from our connection to nature and art, along with our desire to bring more beauty to the world. There is a purpose, a story, behind each of our patterns, and it begins with an awareness of the life around us, be it personal to our own lives, or through the life experience of a creature on the other side of the world.

Kingfisher - How We Create Patterns



Step 2 - Rough Drawing 

Being enveloped in the lush rainforest of Borneo inspired my first pattern. The orangutans, pygmy elephants, and kingfishers' habitat is precious, and the plants and creatures within it beckon to be celebrated. The Kingfisher pattern began with a sketch and evolved into an illustration of the elements most imprinted in my mind from my time there. 





Step 3 - Select the Element and Ink

Next, I pulled apart the elements, chose a few to bring into a new arrangement, and stitched them to form a repeatable pattern. Once the gesture and flow of the kingfishers and flowers came together, I visualized them as a composition of dancing linework. Using my crow quill pen and bottle of ink, I carefully rendered the art, which was then ready for color.

Elephant & Kingfisher - Ink Drawing


Step 4 - The Final Pattern 

I wanted to capture the majestic light of the rainforest, and after trying many color keys, I found the essence of Borneo in the Kingfisher colorways that now appear in our collection. 

This is a peek into the development of a pattern as it comes to fruition. Kellie works in much the same way. Since each pattern we create is a unique piece of art, the sentiments and the artistic technique that bring them together are individual and special.

We intend them to be just as special for you.